Our agenda themes provide a guide to the areas we will be covering across our keynote stage and five track stages.

We have identified 15 themes that will be covered at Money20/20 Asia that capture the industry sentiment. Themes to be covered on our agenda include:

Processing, Instant Payments & Open Platforms

In a new world of open possibilities, the race is on to create a platform fit for the future - scalable across markets, customers groups and interoperable. The rise of the platforms is upon us and it requires collaboration and innovation to drive forward the convergence of our retail, social and financial worlds. Join us to hear stellar brands share their view of the universe and the art of the possible.

Next Gen Retail & Commerce

As retail approaches the eye of the storm and new tech and consumer choices permeates across the industry, what will be the hottest trends in commerce? How will we pay in the future and will we even know we are doing it? Sign up requires a retina scan and you're in!

Legal & Regulatory

Shielding humans from harm is one of the most important topics in the universe. With new environments to navigate and so many unknowns to deal with, new threats emerge all the time. Agents of Shield are there to protect but also, more commonly in today's solar system, encourage innovation. Striking this balance is not easy and that's why we've got you covered with a blend of the two. It should be illegal to miss these sessions.

National & Regional Initiatives

Maintaining your national pride and identity yet ensuring collaboration and standardisation across galaxies is a complex challenge. Understanding the best of breed initiatives, the challenges and the lessons to learn, are essential ingredients for progression. Teleport-in to learn more about the next gen initiatives blurring the boundaries between multiple universes.

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Investing

Fortune favours the bold and those who take risks. Overcoming failure and learning from mistakes is a key part of the journey into the unknown. Join us as we explore the shining stars in the galaxy with a mission to understand why entrepreneurs succeed, how they navigate the funding challenge and the next wave of innovation set to obliterate the status quo.

X-Border Disruption

Exploring and reaching new segments, increasing efficiencies and forming new partnerships are key to shaping the emerging crossborder landscape. By building wormholes to other dimensions, boldy go where no human has gone before... but what do you do when you get there? How do you remain relevant when everyone else is offering so much more? Receive your guidebook for navigating your way between planets in this group of sessions.

Alternative Lending & Finance

Historically for many people, access to loans at the right rate has been a challenge. The blackhole of lending is rapidly evolving with greater competition from new entrants, advancements in credit scoring models and access to new data sources. What are the latest technologies and decisioning models that are being developed and when will this blackhole disappear entirely?

Bank (R)evolution

Very few companies are able to measure or understand what a successful innovation mission looks like. Can a company deliver innovation from within or should it build a shiny, new shuttle fit for launch? Keeping up with challenger banks and rising tech platforms means shooting for the stars and we're here to learn which fuel will get us there the fastest.

Financial Inclusion

For years financial services was an alien concept to many, including those hitchhikers tearing across galaxy with a minimum data trail. The answer is not always 42, in fact there are many answers that need addressing. Teleport yourself over and join us to understand the questions and some of the answers that are currently set to spark new creations in 2018. To inclusion and beyond.

Bits & Blocks: Coins & Ledgers

In a galaxy far far away, crypto and ledgers are the bedrock of all transactions between people, businesses and social networks. How did we get there and what were the key steps? Stop by for some universe-breaking insights on the wonderful world of bits and blocks.


When the lines blur between humans and robots, how can you tell the difference? Who is better and how do you strike balance between the two? Don't be afraid, move through the five stages of denial and embrace the inevitable. Join us for what are likely to be the hottest and most earth shattering developments in 2018. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!

Risk, Security & Fraud

With new solutions comes great responsibility. Breaking secure locks can be done in a matter of seconds, so keeping abreast of new developments and methods to stay a step ahead of the game is Ascential. The permutations are endless and so are our suite of sessions that will take you on a journey to the ends of the earth in the quest to stay safe and manage uncertainty.

Disruptive Tech & Pioneering Brands

Amplifying your message to a global audience is essential in today's universe. Whether it's sharing interesting collaborations, new product launches or new applications of tech, this is the space to be. Tune in as the revolution will not be televised, it will be live, streamed and beamed across the FinTech universe and beyond.

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