Our agenda themes provide a guide to the areas we will be covering across our keynote stage and five track stages.

We have identified 15 themes that will be covered at Money20/20 Asia that capture the industry sentiment. Themes to be covered on our agenda include:

Processing, instant payments & Open Platforms

Processing infrastructures that enable consumer and business payments and financial services (including card issuing and acquiring, marketplaces, and ACH platforms) are rapidly moving from closed, monolithic and batch processed to open, data rich, distributed and real-time. Money20/20 Asia covers these important technology shifts that create new hubs of innovation for frictionless, multichannel and data-rich value propositions. New approaches and tech required (e.g. robotics, machine learning, cloud tech) to develop sustainable commercial and cost effective models will be explored, as well as unique advancements in markets which are unencumbered by legacy systems and processes that are on the journey towards developing next generation infrastructures, highlighting the best of breed advancements across Asia and further afield. Specific topics also include the developments from platform owners and third parties using APIs to drive innovation, how to scale products across multiple markets and the challenges, the rise of instant payments infrastructures and the new front end propositions that these platforms enable.

Mobile Payments & Wallets

Banks, retailers (online and offline), FinTech and TechFin start-ups, payment networks, mobile network operators, OEMs, internet finance and technology companies have launched a wide range of mobile payments and wallet initiatives, drawing upon their respective positions of strength, across the Asia region. For some, these solutions offer lucrative new growth opportunities, while for others, logical extensions of their existing businesses to improve customer retention and drive monthly active users. Many have been broadening and deepening the value proposition into financial services and multichannel commerce to cater to the everyday needs of the digital consumer, from wallets with integrated apps to broader community initiatives with direct access to bank accounts. With great advancements currently being made in mobile based financial services products to address the needs of the large unbanked and under-banked population across Asia, collaboration across a number of industry verticals is essential for scale, distribution and the overall customer value proposition. Money20/20 Asia will cover these diverse ecosystem participants and their innovations, including personalised experiences, location and data analytics, non-payments and personal finance management features and more. Coverage will also include the art of engineering frictionless, secure, and convenient customer experiences, whilst balancing security in order drive mass adoption and international expansion.

Next Gen Retail & Commerce

Commerce is changing at a rapid pace, driven by mass mobile device adoption, changing consumer expectations and through the integration of new data sources. The explosion of growth in e-Commerce shows no signs of slowing as markets continue to open up for consumers. Money20/20 Asia covers the latest consumer and merchant perspectives, shining a spotlight on propositions that enable more comprehensive, personalised, seamless omni-channel commerce including social commerce. Coverage will include how retailers are designing new operational and service delivery models as well as the impact of the Internet of Things, the utilisation of data (e.g. for personalised offers, credit scoring and supply chain finance) as well as the dynamics underpinning the double digit growth of in-app payments and what’s in store for the future. In addition, coverage will include the growth in PoS technologies (from QR codes to terminals to mPoS) and the value these provide to enable expanding merchant categories, digitisation of new segments of commerce and the emerging interoperability initiatives across the region.

Legal & Regulatory

While at different starting points, most regulators across Asia are increasing their focus on promoting competition and fostering innovation, financial inclusion, improving security and widening access to financial services and payment systems. In addition, keeping up with the impact and application of new technologies and business models is an ongoing challenge that requires foresight and alignment at a domestic and regional level. While still in its infancy, the wave of regulatory partnerships and collaborations are becoming instrumental to the success of FinTech ecosystems across the region. Coverage of the legal and regulatory landscape will focus on the opportunities and advancements for growth, highlighting recent and emerging regulations that will significantly influence the sector. This will include ongoing developments and collaborations in cyber security, regulations that seek to reduce the barriers to entry and harmonise the landscape to promote product development and market entry, new measures in security and fraud prevention (e.g. KYC, AML, payments fraud), the latest initiatives to promote financial inclusion and identity, crypto currency and ledger based regulations and new approaches to regulate startups to protect the credibility of the financial services sector without hindering economic growth. Money20/20 Asia covers all these key areas and more, including the implications for banks and other stakeholders, the impact on traditional value chains and the resulting new opportunities for the community as well as the leading startups addressing the large opportunities within RegTech.

National & regional Initiatives

Born from necessity and in some cases national strategy, many communities are realising the value of stimulating the financial services sector. An emerging strategic focus from a number of Governments and central banks in Asia are playing a key role in driving the growth of the FinTech sector in the region, largely because of the need for instituting financial market reform and economic growth. Money20/20 Asia will focus on the most successful initiatives across the whole region to share best practises and areas for collaboration and opportunities. Coverage will include but not limited to; advancements in national ID schemes and the new propositions that can be developed as a result, industrywide API strategies, next gen industry payments platforms and instant payments infrastructures, developments in national card and mobile payments schemes, the value of FinTech bridges and the drive towards reducing cash, paper and manual processes within financial services.

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Investing

As commerce moves from hardwired and physical to digital, technology-led innovation is redefining every aspect of payments and financial services, elevating entrepreneurship from the fringes to the heart of the industry. Driven by a need to upend current industry norms, entrepreneurs are targeting a number of gaps in the current financial services sector across the region to different degrees and in different ways. With disruption no longer confined predominantly to the long tail, large organizations are re-evaluating their core strategies, product roadmaps and partnership structures while FinTech and TechFin start-ups are entering the ecosystem with radically new models supported by growing levels of investment, political agendas and accelerators and incubators. Money20/20 Asia will cover all of these dynamics including the leading corporate and startup partnerships that have generated real value over headlines, the rise of corporate VCs and the structures required for long term stability and success, the global VC landscape and hotspots, successful corporate innovation labs from across the world that have exceeded ROI and the key learnings and insight from entrepreneurs who have successfully scaled products across markets in the Asia. Entrepreneurship, innovation and investing is at heart of Money20/20 Asia.

X-Border Disruption

Moving money across borders is in the midst of great disruption through the shift from physical to digital, increasing multi-channel distribution options and changing commercial and distribution models. It is one of the most lucrative verticals in payments estimated to be worth billions of dollars. As governments, associations and traditional providers focus on regulation, standardisation and interoperability as the path forward, the tech giants, Telco’s and start-ups are rapidly disrupting the status quo, identifying gaps, designing digital solutions and redefining commercial models to meet consumer and business cross-border transfer needs. Coverage at Money20/20 Asia will delve into the contrasting approaches, and will identify implications and insights for how these multi-billion dollar segments will change. We will discuss new propositions and product extensions such as bank accounts and mobile wallets designed for money transfers with new features and functionality for consumers, SMEs and corporates, and examine how the economics, commercial models and distribution channels will evolve, including incorporating FX and credit revenue sources. In addition we will highlight new collaboration models that enhance the value proposition and reach, plus alternative approaches such as blockchain based projects and open platforms.

Alternative Lending & Finance

With streamlined workflows, leading-edge risk and credit scoring models, efficient review processes and pioneering marketplaces, non-banks (internet and tech giants, FinTech start-ups) throughout Asia are quickly and effectively scaling small value consumer and business loans in a wide range of lending segments. With the growth potential and market need in the region rising, the complexity of the commercial and risk models present a number of challenges at a micro and macro level. Money20/20 covers these non-banks, including their commercial and servicing models, new sources of data and credit decision methodologies, providing insight on the tightening regulatory environments, current sustainability and long-term prospects, as well as the implications on incumbent providers, such as opportunities for bank participation and portfolio diversification. Coverage will also include the leading brands that dominate their domestic markets and their move into new segments and across borders, as well as the growing underserved segments such as small and medium sized businesses (credit market gap estimated at $300bn) and new government initiatives to drive economic growth.

Bank (R)evolution

Engaging consumers and businesses in a digital world presents significant opportunities and challenges for banks. Many face commercial and distribution challenges owing to manual and physical based processes and legacy systems and people. Money20/20 Asia covers all aspects of innovation in banking - from evolutionary to revolutionary - based on trends and methodologies from agile developments, advanced analytics, predictive on boarding, open platforms, cloud computing, hyper-targeting, external data harvesting and augmented intelligence. In addition to the ground-breaking tech, e-Commerce and internet giants who are redefining how customers and businesses engage and interact with financial services products ( via mobile and social channels or via commerce), we address the entry of Telco’s and challenger banks, - unencumbered by legacy systems, operational processes or branches, - offering new money management features, AI features to deliver greater personalisation and experience, payment functionalities and essentially redefining the traditional commercial and operational model. Scaling financial services products and business models across multiple countries will be a key area of focus as well as how the market leading banks are adapting their strategies and innovation agendas to be a part of the disruption rather than be disrupted.

Financial Inclusion

Nearly half of world’s unbanked population resides in Asia, representing a massive yet complex problem or opportunity to solve. While some people have no desire to be part of the banking system most have struggled with bank account requirements, high banking fees, distrust of the traditional banking system and a lack of banking infrastructure in local areas. Traditionally a very difficult segment to service commercially is now rapidly changing through the advancements in technology and new business models that fit with this segments unique needs and requirements. Money20/20 Asia covers the movement of the tech and internet giants, telcos, FinTech start-ups and banks who are actively designing cost effective solutions to cater to this segment from current accounts and mobile money accounts, to micro loans, to insurance products to payments services including crypto currencies and new applications of the blockchain. New approaches and advancements in harnessing data and credit scoring models will also be covered as well as the best of breed national initiatives that could have relevance across the whole region.

Bits & Blocks: Coins & Ledgers

The rise in acceptance and potential applications of distributed ledger technologies in financial services is nothing short of a phenomenon. As startups, established companies and collaborative initiatives move from well-funded experimentation to implementation, we enter an exciting time and defining moment for the blockchain. Money20/20 Asia will be covering these high profile collaborations examining the use cases (from trade, to eKYC, to ID, to payments) and identifying the value (indications of ROI and customer value). In addition, attention will be paid to the next wave of experiments currently being explored in innovation labs and how these new use cases could alter the landscape and deliver new efficiencies and improvements. As the blockchain dialogue moves from talk and hype to action in Financial Services, developments in bitcoin continues much more so than in any other region in the world. As countries and organisations across Asia continue to push digital currency initiatives there are plenty of opportunities for novel product development, as a number of entrepreneurs and established companies, with the support of Central Banks, look to utilise blockchain protocols or present better use cases for consumers looking to gain exposure to bitcoin. Coverage will range from the current state of bitcoin, focusing on case studies of practical use cases and acceptance, to how leading Central banks in Asia are capitalising on this technology and creating an environment to promote innovation and attract the crypto currency ecosystem, solving real industry problems from financial inclusion, cross border and commerce.

Data, Augmented Intelligence & Algorithm based Innovation

The ability to access and analyse customer data is an important enabler to the success of many FinTech and TechFin product offerings. Data as the new currency has long been heralded as the next source of major value and competitive advantage. Start-ups and established organisations throughout payments and financial services have started to launch initiatives to harness the value of identifying, gathering, aggregating, and analysing data to optimise processes and workflows as well as to deliver superior operational and service models in the creation of personalised customer experiences. Money20/20 Asia will cover these advancements from the leading companies in developed markets, touching upon the value and applicability in countries and sectors still in the early stages of the journey. In addition, coverage will include cutting edge developments from the leading start-ups, banks and tech companies that are developing and deploying augmented intelligence initiatives, from applications that make use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, pattern recognition and natural language processing among other functionalities. In particular, honing in on the efficiency gains in customer on-boarding/KYC, automation of credit scoring/decisioning and fraud detection, personalised and contextual messaging, supply chain improvements, tailored product development and more effective communication strategies based on real-time, multivariate data.

Risk, Security & Fraud

New technology, political agendas and tech savvy cybercriminals are increasing the complexity of managing risk, security and fraud for participants across the payments and financial services value chain. These challenges are compounded by potentially severe implications on brand image and financial penalties. Industry participants are faced with a number of challenges, such as optimising convenience and security, upgrading legacy systems and technologies to manage customer data from storage to transmission, increasing levels of fraud originating from paper and card-based instruments to digital payments, all while adhering to legal requirements for risk and security that consume resources and can limit the delivery of new products and services. Money20/20 Asia will cover these challenges, focusing on new innovative technologies that help automate and effectively manage risk and security while reducing fraud. Discussions will include leading edge identification and authentication technologies, such as biometrics and unique approaches to eKYC, developments in encryption software and algorithm-based technology.

Case Studies & Announcements

Money20/20 Asia is the place where industry leaders from across the globe gather to share ground-breaking news and announcements. Our events in 2016 in The US and Europe attracted over 300 industry, mainstream and tech journalists, broadcasters and analysts covering 250+ announcements. The Money20/20 platform enables businesses to amplify their messaging and announcements across the globe to build businesses, promote collaboration and share new ideas with the goal of shaping the future of money.

New market research and commercial models

Market data and insight is crucial to the development of new commercial propositions, corporate and business strategy and NPD roadmaps. Money20/20 Asia will showcase the latest cutting edge market research and insights into commercial models to help decode and frame the future of money. Coverage will include; research on leading commercial models and new sources of sustainable value in the region, country and company specific analysis on the best of breed advancements, deep analysis on the new mass affluent class and analysis on the global VC and corporate VC landscape and much more.

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