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Money20/20 Europe Agenda

2019 Agenda


At Money20/20 Asia 2019 we aim to provide you with access to 50 hours of expert content across 6 spectacular stages covering 10 of the hottest themes in financial innovation.
Expect to see: in-depth case studies from across Asia and beyond of how businesses models are changing and adapting to new regulation; challenging panel discussions tackling the biggest questions in fintech; and inspiring conversations with the biggest names in the finance giving you concrete insights to improve your business.
To view the full agenda and who will be speaking at Money20/20 2019 you can download a PDF agenda here “DOWNLOAD FULL PDF AGENDA”.
If you would like to personalize your agenda, please use the “Schedule” version available below. Here you can select the themes/topics which interest you and create a bespoke personalized agenda.”

View the Money20/20 Asia schedule & directory.

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