2019 Call for content



2019 Call for Content

The Money20/20 agenda for 2019 will feature 300+ speakers from today’s most successful and innovative companies and thought leaders, including unique opportunities for leading-edge startups that are redefining how we view and address the future of the industry.

Our audience is the largest and most influential in the industry. Money20/20 delegates expect to learn, to be inspired and to be challenged by content that has depth and explores the cutting edge of FinTech. This is a global stage on which only world-class ideas will be remembered.

What revolutionary content ideas could you bring to the Money20/20 stage?

Great content is foundational to Money20/20, and we can only create that through collaboration with you. This year we are announcing a new Call for Content process. The step-by-step guide linked below outlines the process in detail and provides helpful hints on how to submit a successful content proposal.

All speaking proposals must be submitted through the form linked below. Proposals submitted directly to the Content Team will not be considered. However, you can engage with us any time during the year for feedback or discussion on your ideas for agenda content. We are always keen to help.

The deadline for submitting content proposals for Money20/20 Asia 2019 has now passed. We are always interested in hearing from you. If you have a relevant submission to speak at a Money20/20 event in the future, you can apply below.

Apply to speak

Tony Fernandes, Group CEO, AirAsia

‘Just for the record, I have no intention to be like Richard Branson. I have no intention to go to the Moon – he’s asked me to go with him to space, I say ‘and do what?’…I’d much rather come to Money20/20.”

Jack Dorsey, CEO & Founder, Square

“Come to Money20/20 not only for the presentations or the conversations but also to meet new people and find people who are thinking about what you’re going after in a different way. It changes your perspective.”

Chloe James, Group Media & PR Director, RFi Group, Broadcaster, Sky News – Business

‘There is nothing like a Money20/20 when it comes to size, scale and impact’

Nikola Pavesic, Head of Special Operations, Nikkei Inc.

‘Money20/20 has truly grown to be a leading global finance & fintech event. It is always exciting to participate as a speaker and a delegate when you know the crème de la crème of finance's crossover with tech will be there’.

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