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This year, the Money20/20 Asia team has a mission.

To bring actionable, Asia-focused intel to help you refine your game plans and learn from those already well on their way.

Our conversations with next-gen disruptors, founders, regulators, tech-heads and business teams, drives us to plan our agenda around the biggest questions you care about, both geographically and thematically.

Agenda Themes

Consumer Payments

How can payments firms supply the best combination of UX, security and cost to dominate future payments flow?

Consumers are flooded with new choices and features as incumbents and challengers battle for the data-rich (and historically, fee-laden) flow of consumers’ transactions. Cross-border payment options are also exploding with new rails and expanded options for international transfers. See how card schemes, real-time payments, mobile wallets and money management tools are planning to win in the market in 2020.

B2B Payments

Are you ready for B2B payments to match the real-time, interoperable, borderless payments experience of consumer payments?

While headlines gravitate toward consumer-facing products that can be shared with friends and family, the $2 trillion in revenue from the B2B payments market is an even bigger battleground. Learn how payments providers are using interoperability, lower transaction fees, real-time systems, increased security and big data to win market share in 2020.

Financial Inclusion

How can unbanked and underserved consumers become the backbone of new revenue and data streams?

Commercial and humanitarian factors have converged around financial inclusion, enabled by technological development and supported regulatory initiatives, creating real incentives for firms to extend Financial Services to new and underserved communities. Hear real-life stories from those on the front lines who are helping bring millions into Asia’s financial ecosystem for the first time, matching social good with solid returns.

Disruptive Tech

Do you know the smartest applications of new disruptive tech, and are you ready for what’s coming from 5G, quantum and real-AI?

Technologies such as machine learning, cloud computing, blockchain, crypto and even quantum have been developed and deployed largely in isolation, yet their true potential is being unlocked in combination. Explore how tech giants and innovative startups are creating the tools for financial firms to give ever more choice, speed, security and convenience to their customers.

The Platform Play

Who will win the superapp land-grab and how can you ride that growth and dominance of the consumer’s screen?

Whether through messaging or ride-hailing, weaving a platform into a user’s daily life, including their finances, gives successful super app builders the means to capture unbelievable amounts of data about users and their needs while creating distance between the user and other competing services. Find out what the major players are doing next and who is building the next generation of super apps to challenges them for fickle consumers’ attention.

Challenger Banks & Building from Scratch

Is it possible to build a new bank that can compete both on service and scale with incumbents?

To win in banking, you have to innovate, whether that’s a startup, challenger bank building from the ground up or an incumbent bank launching a standalone, digital-native challenger. See what examples are working, who’s gaining market share and whether the startups’ creativity and freedom or the incumbents’ balance sheet and experience are winning so far.

Banking Transformation

Are you doing all you can to boost margin and improve efficiency through smarter banking transformation?

Big series A rounds are exciting, but are they more exciting than a base of existing customers and hard-earned regulatory licenses? Incumbent banks are fighting back against new challenges through internal innovation and partnerships with third-party providers to keep their customers happy. See what’s holding the line and where incumbent banks are winning.

Identity, Security & Regtech

Who has the right formula for digital identity and what will its adoption mean for your business?

Money is only safe when we’re certain who it belongs to, where it comes from and that nobody else can get at it. Digital identities, developed by states and by financial firms, as well as new cybersecurity innovations, offer the tools to secure banking and payments into the next century, but the threat levels are only rising. Regulators are also gearing up for smarter surveillance and deeper security to ensure their markets flow smoothly and safely.

Decoding the FinTech Value Chain

As an investor at the end of an economic cycle, where is the smart money looking and as a founder, do you have the right strategy to capture customers and capital?

Investors and entrepreneurs who spotted fintech opportunities have been richly rewarded in the last decade, and that trend is set to continue as FinTech startups swell the ranks of unicorns globally. Hear how founders are growing sustainable businesses by challenging, or in many cases, partnering with incumbents to meet real needs. Learn from the experts who have called prior winners as to which sectors, services and geographies are ripe to create value for customers and with them, investors and founders.

Seamless, Social Retail

Is your brand really delivering what your customers want in terms of seamless, omnichannel shopping built on frictionless payments?

Consumption is growing rapidly across Asia’s developing economies meaning more transactions and more data for retailers. Physical retailers are adding online to their mix while online retailers are connecting to physical delivery and customer engagement. All the while, the data on consumer interests and spending power grows. See where Asia’s retail is heading next, from point-of-sale financing and cashier-less stores to social commerce and AI personalization.