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27 April 2023

Money20/20 Asia Announces Bangkok as Host City

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Who can apply?

This pass is available to journalists and analyst from recognizable publications, podcasters, industry analysts from reputable groups, camera people for video crews with actual outlets, broadcasters, media partner editorial staff only (reporter, editor, writer, etc.).

How can I apply?

Our Press Pass is available via application only. Applications are now open so apply now!

What information should I submit in my application?
  • A link to your LinkedIn profile.
  • A link to your live website.
  • Information on media activity (e.g. impressions, audience size).
  • Three examples of articles written since 2019 or media interviews conducted in the past few years.
I'm not part of the press or media but am interested in a media partnership.

Fantastic! We'd love to onboard you as an Industry Partner. Pairing our global reach with your platform, association, chapter, or other entitiy to broadcast the value of Money20/20 USA. You can learn more and apply here.

Can I get a list of the media attending?

Media list will be available four weeks prior to the show. Email press@money2020.com to learn more.

How can I make an announcement during the show?

Looking to make waves with an industry-shaking update, partnership, or new product? Money20/20 is the perfect place. Information about our Announcement program will be shared soon. Contact press@money2020.com with questions.

I'm looking to do more at the event and/or have additional questions.

No problem, let's chat! Email press@money2020.com to get started.