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The Business Model World

Get next-level insight into the new business and commercial models disrupting your business. Discover strange new worlds for incumbents, as tech and fintech challenge on all fronts. Explore the maze of regulatory changes that might shoot these challengers down.

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What you'll learn

The Platform Ecology Model

  • Learn about the rise of tech platforms and the financial products they build within ecommerce, social media or on-demand ecosystems.
  • How are the tech platforms building powerful customer bonds – which they are leveraging, with data, to compete with traditional finance?
  • Get to grips with the big tech’s strategies and how you can face the challenge. Compete or partner? Beat them or join them?
  • Walk away with an understanding of the commercial and business cases for platform ecosystems.
The Platform Ecology Model
The Platform Ecology Model


  • Delve into the integration of online and offline retail strategies and discover key data sources and the latest technologies.
  • Explore the full value chain of cross-border commerce and payments – where is there disruption? What are the new growth opportunities? How can you expand your customer base?

Banking Innovation

  • What will it take to for incumbent banks to overcome their legacy systems? What are the best approaches for this challenge? Partnering with a financial cloud service to move across core banking systems? Or building your own system from scratch? Learn from case studies of successes and failures and get the right lessons to help you move faster.
  • Find out what best in class digital transformation looks like, from a cultural, technological and business model perspective. Explore the benchmarks of current industry leadership on digital transformation and innovation.
The Platform Ecology Model

Who is it for?

Incumbent banks, challenger banks, tech giants, retailers, payment companies.


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