The insights that power innovation

Our programme features 300+ speakers from both inside and outside the industry – from today’s most successful start-ups to thought leaders that challenge you to be bolder and better.

Our audience is the largest and most influential within the money ecosystem – and they are hungry for knowledge. Money20/20 delegates expect to learn, be inspired and provoked by content that goes beyond the surface and explores the cutting edge of FinTech.

This is a global stage. It isn’t for the average. It isn’t a sales pitch. Only world-class ideas and intel will be selected – and remembered.

What revolutionary content ideas could you bring to the Money20/20 stage?

Incredible content is foundational to Money20/20, and we create that in collaboration with you. To help you craft a session that truly stands out, we’ve created a step-by-step guide that outlines what we look for in speakers and sessions. To boost your chances of being selected, we recommend giving it a read before crafting your submission.

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Deadlines & Details

Deadline for content submissions: 8th November 2019. Any submissions received after this date will be placed on a waiting list and will only receive a response in the event that a place on the agenda becomes available.

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