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About Coshine

Coshine is a leading Fintech and Payment service provider. It was established in 2003, focus on Card issuing/Acquiring/Security Solution providing. It has over 150 clients covered Bank, Fintech, e-Commerce, Merchants. It had been qualified by Visa, MasterCard, China Unionpay, JCB and Discover, and got certifications of PCI DSS, PCI PIN, PCI 3DS, EMVCo, ISO9001, ISO27001 etc. It had setup branches in more than 10 countries and build 5 Data centers all over the world.

Eastpay is Coshine’s core system. Its power financial institutions’ competitive, increase its global marketplace, support to reduce its costs and boost revenues. Eastpay’s key component as below:

  • Issuing Processing: Reliable, long-term solutions partner for your outsourcing needs.
  • Digital Card Processing: Digital wallets,cards and mobile banking service for smooth and easy digital transformation.
  • Acquiring Processing: Innovative, cutting-edge acquiring solutions offerings variety of services.
  • Digital Payment Acceptance Processing: The latest mobile payment acceptance technologies.
  • Payment Gateway Processing: Smooth transactions by securing your e-commerce infrastructure.
  • 3DS for Acquiring: Initiate 3DS authentication to avoid fraud risk for merchants, and provide online/mobile solution.
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