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Unlocking opportunities with Money20/20 Asia

Meet PlatON

PlatON is an open financial infrastructure with privacy-preserving computation as its technical feature. Initiated and promoted by LatticeX Foundation, PlatON aims to become a major blockchain platform in the era of Web 3.

PlatON’s experience with Money20/20

Junjie Qu, CTO of PlatON’s experience with Money20/20 began at the Singapore networking event in November 2023.

Being able to connect with like-minded fintech leaders, who had the potential to really impact PlatON's business, convinced Qu that investing in joining Money20/20 Asia as a sponsor, would deliver a significant opportunity to connect, learn and engage with the wider community.

"I was pleasantly surprised by the conversations I had at the Singapore Networking Event. It was energising to have such engaging exchanges with the senior leaders in our community that Money20/20 brought together."

Junjie Qu


Why Money20/20 Asia?

With a newly launched product in hand, PlatON views Money20/20 Asia as a strategic platform to spotlight their innovative offerings, gather invaluable feedback from key industry players and gain insights from peers, setting the stage for strategic growth and collaboration.

Meet PlatON at Money20/20 Asia

PlatON will be partnering with Money20/20 Asia, on 23-25 April 2024. Find them at Stand 1007 at our MoneyHall.

Find out more about PlatON:

- Website

-Latest news

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