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Money20/20 believes women, minorities, and underrepresented professionals should have a louder voice and more seats at the table in financial services. We work to amplify those voices and open doors through our platforms and program, collaborating with our community to empower real change and erode systemic bias. Inclusion and difference simply makes us stronger. Have a look at how we're doing this with our RiseUp and Amplify programs.

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RiseUp is an explicitly inclusive global program to champion more diversity and for all who identify as women. We provide women on their journey to leadership with the network and tools needed to help them strategically advance their career and reach new heights.

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Through Amplify, we'll raise visibility and cultivate connections for minorities & underrepresented groups in the industry. The spark to create a diversity and inclusion movement that drives the industry to its full potential starts at Money20/20 Asia.

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