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Thousands of decision makers at your fingertips

Money20/20 Asia is all about creating meaningful connections. And whilst we believe in serendipity, we also believe in making it as easy as possible to meet the people who are going to transform your business.

To get the best experience within the platform, make sure you set up your ‘Teams’ feature, which is exclusive to you as a sponsor.

Our 'how-to' guide below walks you through the full set-up process.

If you have any questions about how to use, or access the platform, please contact

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Your step-by-step guide

  • Our AI matchmaking tool connects you with decision makers that matter to you
  • Search, sort and filter the full attendee list
  • Request, book & accept meeting requests
  • Speak directly with matches via instant messaging
  • Build your own personal agenda
  • Reserve tables for you and your team
  • Export team connections & meeting details

What can you do with Money20/20 Connect?

  • Let our AI matchmaking tool connect you with decision-makers who matter to you.
  • Speak directly with matches via instant messaging.
  • Search, sort, and filter the full attendee list.
  • Book and accept unlimited meeting requests.
  • Build your own personal agenda.
  • View the floor plan.
  • Reserve tables for your meetings in the Connections Lounge.
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Book yourself and your team onto one of our live demo sessions that will guide you through how to use Money20/20 connect, and how to make the most from the app.

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Top tips for seamless access

  • To access the Money20/20 Connect platform you will need to have a Money20/20 registered pass and a website account. The email address linked to your website account must match that on your pass. If you don’t have a Money20/20 website account or you have one with a different email address, please create one using the same email address as the one on your pass.

  • To create your Team, click on Teams in the top right corner of the Connect platform home screen. Note the Teams functionality is only available via the Desktop version of the platform.

  • The first person from your company to log into the platform will automatically become an ‘admin’. You can make changes including updating your team admin by clicking on the ‘team members’ tab.

  • If you have any questions or need assistance, get in touch with our Delegates Team.

Note that your Money20/20 pass won't reflect in your account if it was booked on your behalf but don’t worry, as long as your pass is registered you’ll be able to access the platform and receive all the relevant event information in the lead up to the show.