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Dive into the pertinent topics and challenges in the Asian fintech space

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4 stages, 200 speakers, 30 hours of content over 3 days

Dive into the heart of Asian fintech at the Vision Stage. Get exclusive, unfiltered insights at the Unfiltered Stage, while the Pathways Stage turns challenges into stepping stones through storytelling and fostering connections. Intellectual sparring awaits at the Collision Stage with Muay Thai kicks and punchy announcements.

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Vision Stage

Immerse yourself in a living panorama which celebrates Asia’s rich financial, technological and cultural identity. The stage will evolve as the show unfolds allowing you to learn and be inspired during high level keynotes and immersive discussions. The show kicks off here and believe us; you don’t want to miss it.

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Unfiltered Stage

No phones. No press. No exceptions. If you want to hear the most exclusive, disruptive, unfiltered topics at Money20/20 you better get in line early.

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Pathways Stage

Step into the Pathways Stage, where storytelling shapes vulnerabilities into wisdom and challenges into stepping stones. Join us to explore learnings, dissect challenges, celebrate triumphs, and forge connections through shared experiences.

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Collision Stage

Experience the adrenaline-charged battleground of the Collision Stage. Dive into the thrill of intellectual sparring, where debates ignite, ideas clash, and innovation emerges triumphant. Come throw some kicks of your own with our Muay Thai experts and catch our punchy announcements.