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About Geniusto

Geniusto is a technology “Enabler” for banks and credit unions, payment providers,remittance companies, and eMoney issuers on an international scale.

Headquartered in Australia, Geniusto's digital banking and payment solutions are counted relied on by regulated institutions in a dozen countries across Europe and the United Kingdom, Southeast Asia, and the USA North America.

With a mission to empower financial institutions with elegant and efficient solutions, Geniusto is designing a better customer experience. Geniusto’s technology is also bringing robustness in the digital experience for its customers and end users.

Banking and payment orchestration make the world go round. But as new digital horizons eclipse legacy systems, the world demands an even simpler, intuitive experience. Simply providing customers with a ‘Mobile App’, is no longer sufficient to fully address both customer and regulatory needs in this dynamic digital environment.

The future is here now with the “[GO] Digital Economy Management Suite”, built as a bank-in-the-box solution for payment institutions so they can be up and running in no time. Modular and configurable, low-code, and open architecture, the technology allows any institution to launch fast with ease of maintenance. A true “all in one” solution for an institution to seamlessly manage its complex, regulated, transaction operations.

Geniusto provides both a reliable, battle tested, matured core platform; and the ability to rapidly innovate and remain relevant in this fast-moving digital economy.

The [GO] Suite, is a set of powerful tools that can be deployed in a myriad of configurations and connected together with other solutions in a coherent manner to provide an operator with a ‘single pane of glass’, to view, and manage the entire financial business operation.

The [GO] Suite, simplifies the technology stack, and allows rapid deployment of new modules and applications often in days rather than months.

Geniusto opens up digital for a brighter banking future, and provides more Brains Behind Digital Banking.

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