Hendra Kwik

CEO & Co-Founder

PAYFAZZ – Indonesia

2020 Trends: Payments

With the fintech industry evolving to a more mature stage in Southeast Asia, we see development in terms of fintech infrastructures and apps being built and scaled across the region.

Apart from that, there is also more awareness and support from Southeast Asian regulators, as they’ve seen the positive impacts that fintech can bring to millions of Southeast Asians. We’ve also seen Southeast Asian Central Banks issuing digital money and peer-to-peer lending licenses for various players across the region, followed by a recent bold move from both Singaporean and Malaysian government issuing five digital bank licenses in their country.

Better fintech infrastructures in the region will also help many small businesses, such as startups and SMEs to thrive and grow faster as they’re now able to leverage fintech to manage and grow their business better.

After having a solid fintech infrastructure in place, we’ll be seeing the next wave of growth for fintech in APAC in 2020. This growth will rely on the success of opening fintech access for everyone in the region, including those who are still unbanked and underserved in rural areas.

A key to enable such growth is a nation-wide financial agent network that can help to promote and enable financial access for those people.

We believe that our half million strong financial agent network will play a critical role in accelerating access to digital financial services in rural areas and emerging markets across APAC. PAYFAZZ has built one of the largest financial agent networks in Southeast Asia in the past 4 years. Currently, we look forward to using our agent network to help more fintech and financial services providers reach untapped markets across Southeast Asian rural areas.

Hendra Kwik is an Indonesian entrepreneur working in the FinTech industry. He is the CEO and Co-founder of PAYFAZZ, a mobile application that serves as a platform for Indonesian citizens in rural areas to conduct financial transactions. It took three years from three childhood friends building an app to four hundred people building an ecosystem to reinvent financial access.

The startup was co-founded with his childhood friends, and they still work together to this day building PAYFAZZ. In 2017 PAYFAZZ was awarded seeding money from YCombinator. PAYFAZZ is also the first Indonesian founded company to be seeded by YC (alongside companies such as Airbnb, Dropbox, Reddit, and many more). In 2019 PAYFAZZ was awarded HR Best Place to Work For, and Hendra and his co-founders was was also awarded FORBES 30 under 30. Now they continue to support SMEs in Indonesia by reinventing financial access.*