Our Content is designed to inspire and enable innovators to create the future of money

The way people move and manage money is continuously changing. The future of money is being driven by advancements in tech and changing customer behaviour and needs. These advancements and changes are fundamentally defining or redefining the structures (e.g. financial services, retail and regulatory) that enable consumers and businesses to spend, borrow and save. For many countries in Asia there are very few existing or effective structures in place which is paving the way for new and non-traditional players from different industry sectors. 

With established and emerging businesses in the financial services and payments sectors seeking to remain relevant and accelerate innovation, a new breed of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are rising to the challenge. The heart and soul of our content agenda at Money20/20 Asia will serve to inspire and enable innovators to create the future of money. A core focus will be on the emerging structures in financial services, retail and regulation that facilitate how consumers and businesses spend, save and borrow in tomorrow’s connected and digital world. 

‘Necessity is the mother of collaboration’

Since the very beginning of the Money20/20 story, our roots have been deeply intertwined with creating a dialogue between traditionally siloed communities and promoting collaborations to drive advancements in payments and financial services. The need for industry sectors to come together to shape the future of money has never been greater in order to ensure commercial growth and to meet customer needs in a rapidly changing digital world. No longer is collaboration an option, it is an imperative to ensure relevance and long term growth. Money20/20 Asia will bring together leading edge content and speakers from a broad range of communities that are essential to advance the financial services and payments sector from; - 

  • Banks, 
  • Tech, commerce and Internet finance companies, 
  • Retailers (online and offline), 
  • Investors, 
  • FinTech and TechFin startups, 
  • Telcos, 
  • Governments and Central Banks
  • Payments companies and suppliers operating across the full value chain.

Best of breed initiatives

At Money20/20 Asia we will shine a spotlight on the best of breed initiatives in the region (and from across the US and Europe where there is relevance and applicability) to help promote and drive advancements in payments and financial services. We firmly believe that the future of payments and financial services is already here in Asia, it’s just unevenly distributed. Our content platform will bring together the leading companies and major initiatives (whether commercial or regulatory driven) in the region which are defining the future of money. 

Leveraging our global network

While our core content agenda will be anchored around the key topics and speakers born in the Asia region (c.70%), we will leverage our global network from our core US and European event platforms. The intention is to ensure the best and most relevant speakers from the US and Europe help to share new approaches, sustainable commercial models and emerging technologies that will help to stimulate fresh thinking and benefits to the ecosystem. Opportunities to promote cross-pollination of ideas and areas for collaboration across regions will be one of the coverage areas at Money20/20 Asia. 

Remaining true to our entrepreneurial roots and plugged into the industry dialogue

The history of Money20/20 is deep rooted in entrepreneurship and a deep understanding of financial services and payments. This practitioner’s insight aligned with a global network across the industry ensures that we can credibly look to the future and push the boundaries of the current thinking, debate areas of contention and uncover the current and emerging opportunities within the most exciting region in the world.

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