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Nikita Mo

Industry Lead, Google

At Google, Nikita leads the Retail and Conglomerate Business for Google Cloud in Hong Kong. Leveraging her experience and Google's leading technologies such as Big Data and AI to help clients to accelerate growth and transformation. Prior to Google, Nikita worked at Microsoft, where she led a diverse global team to manage HSBC APAC, helping the largest bank of the world to solve the biggest challenges, assisting the most senior leadership of the bank to transform their organization successfully and continue to be the leader in their industry.

Studied in Germany, lived and traveled to most parts of the world with over 10 years of experience in information technology specialized in Banking, Retail and global conglomerates business development. Nikita speaks 4 languages and excels at global senior relationship building, managing cultural diverse teams and most complex projects at enterprise level.

Nikita’s vision is not only to achieve success for her company and the client, but be an influencer to push gender equality, inclusivity, diversity, to make this world a better place for the minority of the society, either it's women or people with color or disabilities and even animals. To make the world treat them with respect, see them as equal, not less. She organizes and participates in several supporting women in IT organizations, such as EDM Women in Data council.

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