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Willy Arifin

Chairman & Co-Founder, KoinWorks

Willy Arifin is the Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of KoinWorks, a Top Leading Indonesia's Responsible P2P Lending company. Along with his friend in college, He decided to form an innovative platform addressing the unbankable and underbanked to ensure multiple layers of Indonesians are able to access financial services.

As the Digital SME continues to grow by time, a BSE of the University of Michigan saw the opportunity to help the players grow higher by providing supports through a crowdfunding process. KoinWorks gathers lenders and borrowers in one single digital platform to meet each others' expectation and through all the goals he set in the first place, Willy expected to support the Government in opening financial inclusion in Indonesia. Now, KoinWorks has the largest retail lenders in Indonesia and focusing on helping socio commerce to grow their business and students to achieve their education dreams.

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