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Are you launching something completely groundbreaking that is disrupting the industry in fundamental ways? A new product, an unbelievable partnership, industry changing surveys or stats?

We would love to hear from you because you have the opportunity to break your biggest news of the year at Money20/20 ASIA right in front of a global media audience. After all, this is where fintech’s BIGGEST headlines are made and now's your chance to break yours.

  • Take center stage when you unveil your new product or announcement and be at the heart of our iconic agenda
  • Reach top tier media outlets and hundreds of analysts, bloggers, and podcasters who attend Money20/20.
  • Your news will be broadcast to our global community of the most innovative and influential names in the money ecosystem.
  • Complement your launch with an unmissable spot on the show floor or a meeting room where you can meet with the press.
  • No pay to play! There are no fees required to submit your proposal or for stage time if selected.

Our Call for Breaking News is now open till 9 April 2024 for you to submit your embargoed story or press release. Let our team help you get the word out far and wide to our audience of 3000 + attendees and many journalists.

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