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About Sirius Technologies

Sirius Technologies enables intelligent digital transformation for banks and financial institutions. Our proprietary composable application platform, Multiverse, empowers financial institutions to scale and introduce innovative digital products to their customers and partners, while safeguarding legacy IT investments.

Our successes in the digital transformation space are recognised globally. Sirius Technologies was founded by Jing Li, the former Lead Architect for WeBank, and his team of engineers. The solution they designed and built quickly scaled to over 370 million users, making WeBank the largest digital bank in the world.

Today, Sirius Technologies brings that knowledge and experience to the world, enabling intelligent digital transformation in the financial services industry.

Since inception in 2021, Bangkok-based Sirius Technologies has empowered more than 50 million users, from Southeast Asia to Latin America, across diverse financial services applications.

Sirius Technologies has successfully raised US$9m in Series A funding from investors including Integra Partners, Cento Ventures, M Venture Partners, and Shinhan Venture Investment.

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