Addressing emerging KYC challenges across APAC



Addressing emerging KYC challenges across APAC

16:50 - 17:30 | Tuesday 13 March
| Gravity 101

Whether you’re a bank, government organisation or a tech giant, Know Your Customer (“KYC”) processes continue to be one of the most challenging compliance issues. At times, hugely inefficient, mired with time-consuming and labour-intensive manual processes, how do you verify your next set of customers? In this session, we will explore the challenges and opportunities in KYC along with customer identity validation, and fraud prevention. Is blockchain tech truly the key to a viable KYC utility - or is this a case of a technical solution in search of a problem? Hear from the execs as they explore the future. 


Amos Kater, Director Advisory & Education Services, UL Transaction Security


Tek Yew, Partner and Head of Financial Services Advisory, KPMG

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