Dispelling Innovation Cliches



Dispelling Innovation Cliches

15:30 - 16:30 | Tuesday 13 March
| Stardust

Building an ecosystem ripe for disruption from big data and AI trends using a SaaS-based model targetting the digitally-native, millenial generation... what does this mean?!

For every innovation program that succeeds in building new businesses, affecting cultural change and collaborating with FinTechs, there are a miriad of overhyped, over-buzzworded initiatives that fall by the wayside. In this session our intrepreneurs will discuss their innovation pet hates and persuade the host, Neal Cross, to consign these hates to the FinTech black hole. Does this sound like a familiar TV show? Find out the recommended methods for banks to approach innovation and how to benchmark innovation honestly and realistically in the financial industry.


Neal Cross, MD & CIO, DBS Bank

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