Welcome to the dark side



Welcome to the dark side

09:45 - 10:05 | Wednesday 14 March
| The Universe

As security breaches become the norm and get swept under the virtual carpet, cybersecurity threats continue to strike fear into our everyday lives. Even ICOs are not immune, with an estimated $400m - that’s 10% of all cryptocurrency funds - and likely more disappearing into the dark world. Hear from Ralph Echemendia, one of the world’s leading ethical hackers, who advises the movie director Oliver Stone and has advised the US Marine Corps, NASA, Google & Microsoft, share his deep insight on how one of the most highest profile security breaches in the past 6 months could have been avoided and how to navigate the impending ICO storm which is set to take hold. Be Afraid, be very afraid and while you’re at it, stay off the grid!


Naga Munchetty, Journalist and Broadcaster

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