Andrew Jamieson



 Andrew Jamieson
  • 2018 Speakers

Andrew Jamieson

UL , Head of Innovations

Andrew has over 20 years of experience in working with payment systems and emerging technologies.  During this time he has worked with many different aspects of cryptographic and embedded systems security, and has authored a number of payments and security based patents, which have been granted around the world.

As a Point Of Interaction testing Manager for UL’s Transaction Security division, Andrew is responsible for managing the payment device security evaluation work performed by UL globally, as well as personally performing PCI DSS audits, PCI PTS evaluations, and consulting to clients on payment systems security and compliance. Currently, Andrew heads to Innovation Group which looks at potential new technologies beyond the domains we are already familiar with to enter.

Andrew holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering (with Honors) and a Master's degree in Applied Science (majoring in Information Security).

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