Dr. Bechara Saab



Dr. Bechara Saab
  • 2018 Speakers

Dr. Bechara Saab

Mobio Interactive , CEO & Chief Scientist

Before joining Mobio Interactive as CEO and Chief Scientist, Bechara was a Principal Investigator at the Zurich Psychiatric Hospital where his lab examined molecules and brain circuits that give rise to the motivation to learn and explore. He has made important discoveries on the molecular contribution of environmental exploration to spatial learning, and demonstrated an active role for the hippocampus in driving behaviour. He recently extended this research to reveal roles of cortical and subcortical inputs to the hippocampus in novelty-driven exploration using optogenetics, electrophysiology, PET and fMRI. At the circuit level, the role of curiosity in healthy living may parallel the beneficial effects of m­indfulness that Mobio Interactive delivers via its commercial apps.

Bechara was instrumental in establishing Mount Sinai Hospital's Outreach Program, was Editor-in-Chief of Hypothesis, received the inaugural CIHR Award for Mentorship, represented Switzerland in Famelab, annually speaks at the AFO Science Documentary Film Festival, serves as an Editor for ScienceMatters and gives talks at entrepreneur and neuroscience conferences and festivals around the world.

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