Dr. Dinh Tien



Dr. Dinh Tien
  • 2018 Speakers

Dr. Dinh Tien

VietUnion , Deputy General Director

Dr Tien Dinh currently is the Deputy General Director of VietUnion.

VietUnion is operating Payoo, which is a leading intermediary payment platform for both online and in-store payment service in Vietnam. As a senior director, he has led key innovative projects of the company, such as the establishment of a fraud detection system, the development of the Payoo e-wallet and payment gateway, the bill payment platform, NFC smartcard payment for public transportation systems, mPOS, location-based mobile applications for transportation and management, and tuition fee payment platform.

With a strong technical and financial background, Dr Dinh has developed the Payoo e-wallet to become a one-stop payment platform offering both online and in-store payment services for bill payments, ticketing, insurance, tuition fees, prepaid phone/game cards, and e-commerce.

Dr Dinh has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from University of Huddersfield in United Kingdom and has a passion for solving real-world problems using large-scale data processing, optimization and machine learning.

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