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 George Lucas
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George Lucas

Acorns Grow Australia Limited , CEO

George Lucas is the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the financial product issuer and fund manager Instreet Investment Limited.  He founded the company in 2007, hardly an auspicious time for a funds management start-up. But over the past nine years, he has built Instreet to be the largest independent player in Australia’s structured product market, owner of Emerald Wrap (Australia largest RI investing platform) and Wealth Know How and JV partner delivering Acorns into the Australian market. 

Today George is the CEO and Chairman of Acorns Grow Australia Limited and oversees the day-to-day general operations.

Acorns Australia is a micro-investing product designed to make investing and saving simple for people of all ages (but especially Gen X and Y).  Acorns has enabled George the opportunity to exhibit his detailed understanding of IT and how technology is impacting on financial services in a way that has made him a recognised expert in the Australian market on this issue. 

Wealth Know How, which George co-founded in 2013, offers online educational videos that provides free access to high quality information and knowledge on the financial services and superanatuion industries and investment markets. It taps the knowedge of expereince of professional specialists to bring tiopical infioemation to viewers in an easy-to-comprehend format.

In December 2014, Instreet bought the Emerald Wrap with the aim of giving financial advisers better access to information and benefits about responsible investing (RI) that they could pass on to clients who wanted to invest in a socially responsible manner. Since making the acquisition, George has doubles assets under management, Improved customer service, enhanced the Emerald Wrap, and given more attention to the engagement process with advisers so as to improve and develop effective products, services and solutions. George’s ability to grow and manage a diverse business is testimony to the skills, experiences and knowledge he brings to the table after more than 30 years of relevant experience of providing banking and funds management services to retail and wholesale clients.

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