Joseph Gan



 Joseph Gan
  • 2018 Speakers

Joseph Gan

V-Key , President & Co-founder

Joseph Gan is an experienced technologist in the area of computer security. His most recent appointment was in the Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies (CSIT) as the head of the Cryptography Lab, where he oversaw research and development into cryptographic solutions for Mindef.

Joseph was also previously a Research Manager in D’Crypt, where he grew and developed a research team that provided software security R&D and consultancy services to various government agencies and private companies.

For most of his career, Joseph was in charge of cyber security research in CSIT. He grew the research effort from a small team in 2002 to a Cyber Security Laboratory by the time he left in 2009. As the lab head, Joseph oversaw software security research in Windows, Linux, and mobile phone security on various platforms.

With his many years of experience overseeing R&D in a range of computer security areas, Joseph is an expert in security issues relating to cryptography, mobile phones, computer software, virtualization, and malware protection. He has also given guest lectures on cyber security for both undergraduate and graduate courses in NUS, NTU, and SMU.

Joseph holds both an MSc and BSc in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, California, which he attended on a Public Service Commission Overseas Merit Scholarship. As an NSMan, he is currently serving as a Battalion Second-in-Command holding the rank of Major. He is married with three sons.

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