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 Juwan Lee
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Juwan Lee

Nexchange , CEO & Founder

Juwan Lee is an entrepreneur, VC, blockchain and fintech influencer, and investment professional with three decades of investment industry experience where he managed portfolios and organizations on behalf of multi-billion dollar hedge funds, proprietary trading desks, asset management and venture capital firms.

He is the Founder and CEO of NexChange, a venture innovation platform, CEO of Arrakis Ventures and co-Founder and Director of the Blockchain Centre of Hong Kong. He is a co-founder of tokenScale, a blockchain accelerator created in partnership with brinc. Along with Cyberport, he co-created the Fintech O2O brand. His firm, NexChange, created the Block O2O brand connecting the global blockchain sector and the Healthtech O2O brand for the healthtech community.

Mr Lee was formerly the CIO of the largest Shanghai-based asset management firm. He spent numerous years at JP Morgan in a variety of roles from principal investments to heading equity within the asset management division. As an early pioneer in managing technology portfolios he worked with SAC Capital , Osprey, Rothschilds and Montgomery. He funded many star companies in Silicon Valley (including Netscape, Yahoo and Eidos - Tomb Raider), Taiwan's Hsinchu Science Park, Bangalore India, Korea and Israel.

Mr Lee was ranked by CoinTelegraph among the top 8 blockchain influencers in Asia (here). Mr Lee is a sought after speaker and, in the past six months alone, has spoken at or is expected to speak at:

  • Cryptospace (Dec 2017, Moscow, Russia)
  • WBAF World Business Angel Forum (Feb 2018)
  • TOKEN 2049 (March 2018, Hong Kong)
  • Global Blockchain Summit Sochi 2018 (March 2018, Sochi, Russia)
  • Russian radio interview (March 2018, Moscow, Russia)
  • Blockchain meetup (March 2018, Moscow, Russia)
  • RACIB event (March 2018, Moscow, Russia)
  • ICO Rating (March 2018, New York City, USA)
  • Fintech O2O NYC (March 2018, New York City, USA)
  • Global Blockchain Forum (April 2018, Los Angeles, USA)
  • 2nd Global Fintech & Blockchain China Summit (April 2018, Shanghai China)
  • Armenian Blockchain Forum (April 2018, Yerevan, Armenia)
  • Fintech O2O HKMA Blockchain Meetup (April 2018, Hong Kong)
  • Block O2O Blockchain Summit (May 2018, Hong Kong)
  • Fintech O2O Global Summit (May 2018, Hong Kong)
  • Blockchain Soviet (June 2018, Moscow, Russia)
  • Block O2O Titans of Blockchain (July 2018, Hong Kong)

He has also appeared as a featured guest on The Trader Cobb Podcast (the world’s biggest crypto podcast). You can see more at the NexChange YouTube channel playlist, ‘CEO Speaks’ linked (here).

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