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 Max Kantelia
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Max Kantelia

Anquan Capital , CEO

Max Kantelia is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years’ experience of building technology product and services companies in Europe, the US and Asia for the financial services industry. 

He was selected by EY as one of Asia’s Top 100 FinTech contributors in 2016.

Based in Singapore since 2010, Max is a co-founder/CEO at Anquan Capital and a co-founder at Zilliqa Research Pte Ltd.   Anquan is a deep technology company that is building scalable private blockchains for global marketplaces and has built a hardware rooted security data vault product suite.  Zilliqa is a high throughput public blockchain and crypto currency platform that completed a TGE in January 2018.

Other fast growth companies that Max has helped to launch and accelerate include:

Dexecure, a Singapore based website optimization company that was awarded a Y-Combinator Fellowship in 2016;
Aeriandi, an award winning Oxford based company which provides voice technology for security and compliance;
untapt, a New York based disruptive AI/deep learning platform for recruitment which is a winner of the 2015 Amazon Web Services ‘most likely company to grow exponentially’.
Max is an electronics engineer by background having started his career in radar systems design with GEC Marconi.  He holds a degree in Engineering Science and was part of the London Business School Enterprise 100.   He is a mentor on the London Mayor’s International Business Programme which helps fast growing Fintech companies with their international expansion strategy.

Max enjoys fine food & wine, anything automotive and tennis.

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