Raja Adam Malik



 Raja Adam Malik
  • 2018 Speakers

Raja Adam Malik

MoneyMatch , CFO

Raja Adam is the CFO of MoneyMatch, a fintech startup conducting remittance and crossborder payments for individual users and SMEs out of Malaysia. MoneyMatch’s value proposition is providing an end-to-end digital platform for users to perform overseas fund transfers at superior exchange rates, with no hidden fees; hand-in hand with an e-KYC onboarding process for new users which negates the need to go to an actual physical branch for all FX-related services.

The startup is part of the pioneer batch of sandbox entrants under the Malaysian central bank (BNM) fintech regulatory sandbox starting in June 2017 and has since processed a more than MYR 60 million in transaction volumes.

Adam was formerly a unit lead for the Malaysian securities regulator (SC) digital department, and was involved from concept, development up to the implementation of the national regulatory framework for both Equity Crowdfunding and P2P Lending in Malaysia. He brings 7 years of regulatory experience and leads MoneyMatch in discussions with other regulatory bodies as well as fundraising discussions with strategic investors.

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