Subhajit Mandal



 Subhajit Mandal
  • 2018 Speakers

Subhajit Mandal

LumenLab: MetLife Innovation Centre , Director Innovation

Subhajit Mandal is a Director at MetLife Innovation Centre (LumenLab), Singapore. He is a graduate of IIT Kharagpur, holds a CFA Charter and an MBA from the National University of Singapore. 

Currently he covers LumenLab’s fintech initiatives in Southeast Asia. His finance career spans across VC, proprietory trading firms and family offices before moving into the fintech domain. His first fintech initiative was Sentinance – a sentiment analyser for the capital markets. 

Outside of work, he is active in helping grow the fintech ecosystem in Singapore. A board member of the Singapore Fintech Association, he is ranked as one of the top fintech influencers in Asia. 

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