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Not your average branding exercise

Money20/20 sponsorship delivers the greatest impact and visibility amongst thousands of industry visionaries, decision makers, influencers and press. Through our global reach, digital moments and exceptional in-person events your brand has the opportunity to educate, empower and engage fintech's most important audience.

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Are you ready to create magic?

Money20/20 is the nexus of cutting edge ideas, emerging technologies and industry-defining partnerships.

Take a look at our sponsorship brochure and get a taste of the one-of-a kind exposure that you can expect when sponsoring.

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Take your preconceived idea of an expo floor plan, and rip it up.

Our organic layout based on circles encourages exploration and helps attendees find the companies they need to meet. It creates multiple routes to every spot in the show and helps booths to live side by side with interactive features, stages and meeting spaces.

Why sponsor in 2024?

  • Fuel your pipeline for the year ahead and get in-person access to 1000s of executives from top banks, leading payments companies, fintechs, startups, tech companies, and government regulators.

  • Stand side-by-side with the world's most disruptive innovators, be at the forefront of the latest developments changing the landscape, and keep your name at front and centre.

  • Promote your brand through curated experiential opportunities, designed to build connections with prospective partners and existing customers.

  • Carve out space for the most critical conversations of your year, plus the ones you never knew were out there.

  • Amplify your biggest announcements on fintech’s most talked about stage. The press are waiting for your mic-drop moment…

  • Schedule unlimited in-person meetings with early access to our networking app.

"When building our events strategy for the year, we knew Money20/20 would be a major opportunity to support our marketing and sales objectives thanks to its scale, the strong presence of our core target audience and the calibre of decision makers who attend the event."

Michael Treacy

Head of Marketing


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