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About U-P-T

UPT is the first national global money transfer and payment platform across Türkiye which can be utilized to send or receive money to/from bank account, credit card or name, either domestically or internationally, in multiple currencies.

Reaching 400 thousand service locations in nearly 200 countries around the world, UPT keeps growing across the 5 continents. This extensive network has made UPT the most popular transfer system of Türkiye at home and abroad. UPT is the New Generation Money transfer system for sending and receiving domestic and international money transfers in TRY, USD, EUR or GBP for cash payout or to any local bank account or credit card from any UPT Service Location all over the world. UPT is a subsidiary of Aktif Bank, the biggest investment bank in Türkiye.

Today, millions of people around the world prefer UPT for money transfer. UPT is different than the other money transfer systems in that it is equipped with a different technical infrastructure based on customer satisfaction and customer-oriented service system.

With our UPTION application, we are taking a strong step towards the inevitable necessity of "digitalization" in today's world. Our goal is to become an ambitious platform not only in Türkiye but also on a global scale in the rapidly evolving and growing payment systems ecosystem both in our country and worldwide.

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