AIROME – is a developer of the next generation secure mobile solutions for the Remote Banking Services and e-document management.

Our mission is to help you to make digital banking experience better, secure and cost-beneficial. We provide rock-solid security and protection for financial institutions to protect their clients from theft of money via digital channels or banking.  

In our solutions, we use “digital signature in a smartphone” that provide clients with a high level of security and easy way to support authentication of payments generated via any digital channels (such as Internet banking, Mobile banking, CNP operations, telephone banking and so on). The solution can be integrated both into mobile and internet banking. Moreover, it helps to do an adaptive authentification and use biometrics as an additional protection factor.

Our technology is enabling to solve current problems with security concerns of RBS for both legal entities and private individuals. Such as dependence on uncomfortable, expensive and insecure SMS-channel confirmation and PUSH-CODE-Delivery in a smartphone.

As for the financial institutions, it provides an opportunity to inform mobile users directly through the application system on all matters regarding remote operations and results of their operations performed.

Technologies that served as the basis of Airome solution has vast deployment among 100 000 legal entities and more than 1 million private individuals around the globe to confirm transactions. Moreover, by relying on us the same technologies are already in use in 60 banks in Russia.

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