AIZEN is building its own 'Digital Banking' based on new 'Data Ecosystem', with core AI operating system 'ABACUS'.

[Capital Market-led Digital Banking]
AIZEN is the 1st government authorized company to conduct underwriting(core function) on behalf of a U$400B asset bank in Korea. Backed by 1st-tier bank in Korea and an asset management company in Hong Kong, AIZEN is building its own Digital Bank by connecting Retail Banking and Capital Market with strong Data Ecosystem ownership.

AIZEN holds stake in a well-regulated regional bank(#100,000 lending/deposit customer) to fast-track digital transformation with an active customer base. Within the bank's regulatory infrastructure, AIZEN promote financial wellness of individual customers, targeting mid/low credit profiles under government-guaranteed loans. We provide direct financial benefits(from deposit to lending) based on individual's 'credit potential' measured by proprietary AI technology, converting data from different channels(bank, e-commerce, telco, etc.) into credit-specific data.

By securitizing loans from the bank to an asset management company(has 70% stake), AIZEN is creating new fixed-income based investable asset, targeting pension and institutional investors. 

[ABACUS: AI 'Application Processor' in Retail Banking and Insurance]
ABACUS is an automated AI/ML decision-making platform, specialized in core value chains(product development, marketing, risk management, etc.) in Retail Banking and Insurance. The platform is now operating on U$10B personal loan portfolio of one of the largest banks in Korea. The platform automatically monitors, predicts and controls portfolio downside risk and opportunities in accordance with economic credit cycle. With ABACUS, you can easily build, test and deploy multiple predictive models without deep expertise in AI, with just a few clicks. (Gartner AI Cool Vendor)

Recently selected to join Plug and Play Singapore Fintech Batch 1 program, with business presence in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

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