BankBuddy is an Artificial Intelligence Financial Technology (FinTech) product. BankBuddy helps banks and financial institutions with customer experience management, hyper-personalization & operations automation.
BankBuddy Leverages NLP, Machine learning, Deep learning, Big Data, Recommendation engine & Computer vision to provide backend and channel agnostic intelligent and automated Customer experience. We enable financial institutions to extend their reach across languages, enhance conversion, cross-sell & up-sell across segments, and service customers across channels.
BankBuddy modules :

1. Prebuilt Multi-lingual NLP chatbots (voice & text) for FAQ's with wide functional coverage across Loans (Auto, Consumer durable, Education, Home), Accounts (Current, Savings), PFM (Budgeting, Saving, Investment).

2. Product recommendation engine to recommend products to customers based on persona, chat context and past history/score.

3. AI based origination flow with embedded computer vision to read data from uploaded documents like Passport, national Id etc.

4. Task bots for functions like ATM pin reset, lost card reporting, stop cheque, cheque book request, statement request, account balance, transfers, and many more transactions.

5. Channel manager to add conversational AI in a seamless manner to Facebook, Google Assistant , Amazon Alexa, Mobile apps, Webchat, Twitter, Slack etc.

6. In-built middleware to connect to a variety of core systems ranging from core banking to CRM and contact centre solutions.

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