Up Blockchain Technology Limited



Up Blockchain Technology Limited

Up Blockchain is the best investment and trading platform for digital assets, from today's cryptocurrencies to all of tomorrow's completely securitized markets using decentralized technology that resolves current concerns around security, compliance, and privacy. All transactions are settled peer-to-peer and on chain. 

Centralized exchanges create a single point of failure. Your crypto-assets can be stolen along with your sensitive personal information. Apart from off chain security and privacy issues, there are regulatory questions around "security tokens" and transaction fees for conversion to-and-from cash. 

We are taming this frontier and making it suitable for everyone. Our Loopring-based decentralized exchange never takes custody of your assets. Our proactive approach to compliance provides far more certainty around regulatory issues. Our stablecoin integrations let you trade in and out of the market instantly and cost-effectively.

Cryptocurrencies were just the beginning. Soon all assets will digital. Up Blockchain unlocks the potential of blockchain by using it as it was designed: Disintermediated, on-chain, transparent, efficient, and secure. While meeting regulatory requirements and in many ways exceeding industry standards by disrupting the century-old custodial model. 

That’s What’s Up.

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