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CUP Data

Established in2003 in Shanghai, China Union Pay Data Services Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as CUP Data), a subsidiary of China Union Pay, is a leading outsourcing service provider nationwide specialized in card-issuing data processing. Currently, China Union Pay has provided professional solutions including core card-issuing systems, value-added products as well as consulting and data analytics services to over one hundred card issuers. In addition, the company also provides secure, stable and efficient operation service for hundreds of millions of bank cards.

CUP Data is committed to continuously create values for clients through innovative IT service. The company’s card-issuing data processing service covers different types of card including credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards and offline chip card accounts, which conforms to corresponding standards of China Union Pay, VISA, MasterCard and other major card schemes. The self-developed CUP Data Card-issuing Cloud Service Platform is the first cloud-based card-issuing system that fully owns independent intellectual property rights. This system was awarded the second prize of PBoC Science and Technology Development Award in Banking Industry. Centred on core card-issuing systems, the company rolls out multi-scenario value-added products and various Internet financial solutions such as credit scoring, collection, SMS and call centre, aiming to satisfy customized demands of clients. The company also provides credit card consulting and data analytics service based on clients’ needs, its rich experience and massive data resources.

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