We are a Fintech media company, providing relevant content on a daily basis that spans all aspects of the fintech industry, including the latest trends and hot news that impacts all of the company's audience, to address our customers’ pain points and strategic objectives. We provide a significant amount of this media through its expansive blog, offering written and visual content that covers everything from cybersecurity and new fintech solutions to cryptocurrency and blockchain applications to money management, investing, and taxes. We also offer our fintech media through various social media platforms and as thought leadership for a wide range of publications, including TechCrunch, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc. and more, and syndication outlets.

We also make it easy to get paid online by offering an online invoicing and payments platform that includes payments options like ACH/eCheck, online payments, mobile payments, digital wallet, domestic and international debit and credit card processing, and integration with PayPal and Stripe. Our freelance, startup, and small business customers love how we make payments easier, faster, and secure so they can get paid quickly and maintain greater cash flow while offering their customers more ways to pay. The online invoicing and payments platform also includes a time tracker tool, estimates, templates for estimates and invoices that can be customized and include branding opportunities, dashboard functionality, and database for customers, staff, and projects. 

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