Fidor Group is a financial services firm that comprises of a digital bank, a solutions partner and an in-house digital communications agency.

Fidor Bank: Fidor is an original digital challenger bank that has taken Europe by storm with its concept of open banking. The bank transformed customers’ interactions using an online community whereby members can discuss financial topics, ask or answer questions, review products while being financially rewarded. Together members co-create the future of digital banking with Fidor. The bank uses the latest state of the art open API platform to drive an entire digital experience from the onboarding to instant transactions. Fidor is known for its collaboration with fintechs with the creation of the first live marketplace ‘Finance Bay’ whereby customers can shop for offerings in a single place.

Fidor Solutions is the innovative digital backbone for Fidor Bank. The company co-entrepreneur with partner-banks and consumer–led organisations providing them with the necessary technology, services and expertise to design, drive and grow their own bank. Fidor Solutions’ expertise in building digital banks ranges from Banking as a Service (BaaS), Banking as a Platform (BaaP), Payment as a Service and marketplaces in addition to a range of consulting services.

Fidor Factory: a digital agency which deals with all customer communications and services.

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