We are developing a high-performance crypto infrastructure for the turnover of crypto-currency liquidity and HFT trading, which allows each participant to use cryptocurrency and convert it with minimum delays and maximum speed. GridEx is the FOREX for cryptocurrency transactions, using a different architecture and with an improved technology solution.
Registered users of the GridEx infrastructure are able to choose any of the functions that they find useful.

Support of HFT will become a key feature of GridEx infrastructure - the first one among cryptocurrency infrastructure providers, designed specifically for HFT requirements, which will radically increase the liquidity of all traded instruments, thereby making our infrastructure attractive to use.
HFT implementation on decentralized infrastructure (over Blockchain) does not allow scalable HFT solutions. This includes the lack of local data in calculating the depth of market for each traded instrument.

At the moment, none of the existing stock exchanges allows the full implementation HFT. This is due to architectural reasons. The initial orientation of most cryptocurrency infrastructure provider is for manual trading and there are a lack of technical opportunities to fully provide services for algorithmic trading. This is because it exerts excessive, unmanageable load on the server.

GridEx infrastructure solves the problem of liquidity for significant cryptocurrency assets, and financial institutions, by introducing a safe, high-performance and innovative infrastructure for manual and, most importantly, automatic trading, which is available 24/7.
This system, using a separate API, supports HFT. It allows the user to conduct up to 300,000 transactions per second for each depth of market with a 10 Gigabit channel, providing each with a separate server.

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