HUMANS is a successful, growing online talent on demand business, with thousands of registered users coming onto the platform every week. It started in New York in 2017 as a technologically advanced, data-driven platform serving as a one-stop-shop designed to enable people either to find the help they need or to find the work they want.

HUMANS’ vision is to transform the platform from what it is today into the world’s largest fully decentralised peer-to-peer network enabling more efficient human-to-human interactions around the world. We will deepen user engagement with an infinitely broader offering, effectively delivering services to fulfil all human needs.

HUMANS will be capable of cataloguing the skills, educational qualifications and characteristics of billions of humans all over the world, essentially serving as a HUMANS Global Resource Bank for all people and businesses.

Driven by advanced AI technologies, with transactions conducted transparently across the blockchain and accreditations through DNA-based verification systems, secured by proprietary risk management systems and smart contracts, the HUMANS platform will be designed to cater to all human requirements, whatever they are and wherever in the world they arise.


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