Innoviti Payment Solutions Pvt. Ltd



Innoviti Payment Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Innoviti provides the best software platform for processing offline commerce transactions in India. Meticulously designed, uniPAY Next - Innoviti’s digital payment acceptance platform, addresses the needs of Indian retail environment – a sub-optimal telecom infrastructure, fragmented and geographically spread footprint and low digital awareness amongst consumers and cashiers, using advanced technology techniques. At the core of Innoviti’s technology design is an obsession with simplicity and reliability. This has resulted in Innoviti’s platform offering a 99.6% reliability vs. industry average of 92%. Throughput on Innoviti’s terminals is 2X of national average with more than 80% of terminals active anytime vs. the national average of 50%, a testimony to the relentless focus on reliability. 

Innoviti’s goal is to cloud-enable offline retail in India using payment pipes and connect these pipes deeply to the store’s retail operations. Integration leads to richer transactions that helps create insights to drive new use cases for retailers to reduce cost and increase sales. Innoviti offers these use cases as a rich suite of payment, lending and marketing services to the retailers, both organized and mom-and-pop shops, influencing the way commerce happens in offline retail in India.

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