Intsig, founded in 2006, is a world-leading tech company in artificial intelligence and mobile applications. With the cutting-edge capabilities in OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, and Artificial Intelligent Algorithm, Intsig provides OCR + Data + AI smart solutions for worldwide financial industry customers, such as Banking, Insurance, Securities, etc.As Google Top Developer, Intsig is now operating two productive mobile applications under operation:

  • Camcard (Over 300 million global downloads)
  • Camscanner (over 340 million global users)

Intsig‘s smart solutions supports Full-text Recognition/Business Card Recognition/ Bank Card/Image Enhancement, etc. They work efficiently and seamlessly for pan-financial sectors. Hundreds of Fortune Global 500 companies are Intsig ’s long-term customers and partners, including Sam Sung, Softbank, Huawei, eBay, DBS,Bank of China, China Merchants Bank,etc.

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