JCB Co., Ltd.



JCB Co., Ltd.

Since our earliest beginnings more than half a century ago, we at JCB have been committed to bringing the very best opportunities to our customers through innovation, advancement and a unique range of offers and services. With 106M card members, 33M merchants and acceptance in over 190 countries and territories, JCB is one of the leading payment and technology brands in the world.

As we continue to expand across the globe, we are building on our reciprocal partnerships with major international networks, merchants and financial partners. At the same time, we are creating new alliances with start-ups, innovative thinkers and solution providers as we seek to find yet more payment choices for our cardmembers - giving JCB merchants access to more customers worldwide than ever before.

Our JCB Plaza service offers our cardmembers a unique on-the-ground concierge service across 51 plaza locations and 9 plaza-lounges around the world. We collaborate with our business partners to ensure we bring the highest standards for each JCB cardmember and every business. These are the core values that make our brand Uniquely Yours

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