MeaWallet is the “one-stop shop for mobile and digital payments”.

MeaWallet has built a Mobile Service Platform to enable HCE/Tokenization, Masterpass and converged wallets. Built to support the big EMV schemes as well as local schemes, the platform can enable any wallet application and wearable device for mobile and digital payments.

MeaWallet is one of the world’s leading companies in the digital payment space, and one of few companies focusing 100% on tokenization technologies. We are focused on delivering high quality products with short time-to-market at competitive prices.

We have a highly skilled and experienced organization, young entrepreneurs constantly challenging the technology and subject matter experts with long experience within the 
Payment industry. This has proven to be a unique combination giving us credit with our customers, partners and the FinTech industry.

MeaWallet, established in 2013 is part of the NASDAQ listed Seamless Distribution AB.

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