MintZip helps customers simplify their financial decisions and create an anxiety-free environment with respect to finances. The personal finance mobile app, powered by Conversational AI, enables customers to aggregate all their financial accounts in one place, provides deep personalised insights, and one-tap execution across all financial products. The app is powered by MISA, the world’s most powerful financial voice and chatbot, who gives personalised responses to all financial queries and in-context advisory. The app has helped customers increase savings, reduce expenses, make timely payments, invest intelligently, have the right insurance cover, get suitable borrowing opportunities and file taxes seamlessly. 

Here’s a snapshot since its launch: 

  • Helped customers actively track over $1 Billion worth of finances
  • $27 Million tax saving opportunity identified
  • Engaged users login 20+ times per month
  • Average session duration is 14 minutes

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