OffshoreTT, Renminbi Money Transfer Expert!

OffshoreTT is specialized in China online personal DIY remittances, corporate DIY remittances and e-payment solutions for E-commerce sites in compliance with China Forex Restriction Policies. Our Online Payment Patent has overcome Chinese language barrier(s), to enable non-Chinese remitter or counter operator to process China transactions.
OffshoreTT is one financial trademark since 2004, operated by Offshore (Asia) limited, a Hong Kong based money service entity. We provide white-labeling worldwide network and the most official China payment methods with advance cross-country payment platform to Money Service Industry. We are bridging no gap for any qualified foreign money transfer companies, to joint-operate China-end transactions via China e-banking system via APIs integration, and our worldwide online & offline payment collection services with a competitive rate, plus the liquidity guarantee (if need) for those countries where are out of e-commerce service coverage.

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