We at PAYMENT.TECHNOLOGY.LAW. are a team of highly specialized lawyers at Aderhold law firm (Munich office).

Since 2002, we accompany with great passion nationally and internationally operating companies from the Payment, Banking and IT industry. In close cooperation with our international network of highly specialized Payment and FinTech experts, we are advising our clients on all industry-related legal matters. Our proven reputation in the payment services industry, in-depth knowledge of the regulatory environment, and ability to speak our clients’ language not only distinguishes our advisory services but empowers our clients to focus on what they do best: Revolutionize the Payment and FinTech industry.

This is exactly what PAYMENT.TECHNOLOGY.LAW. stands for. At PAYMENT.TECHNOLOGY.LAW. we offer a single source for news, trends and industry-related topics. Our main focus is to take a close look at these topics and address them in a clear and concise manner and in the language of the Payment and FinTech industry. We understand that a solution-based global view on the Payment and FinTech industry requires not only legal expertise but also in-depth knowledge on how the FinTech and Payment industry operates. Therefore, PAYMENT.TECHNOLOGY.LAW. will also on a regular basis provide information on non-legal topics. For this purpose, we will rely on the support of renowned industry experts and partners, who share one quality with us: our passion for Payment and FinTech.

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