​Quppy is a fully licensed multicurrency multi-language cryptocurrency platform that is motivated by the need to help customers act accordingly in respect of dealing with the cryptocurrency and fiat assets.

Among Quppy top projects is the already working totally licensed cryptocurrency wallet. The Quppy wallet is equipped with a safe decentralized storage of cryptocurrencies which allows a customer to buy, sell and share cryptocurrencies quickly. The cryptocurrency wallet already provides 24/7 multi-language support with all the applicable rules and regulations.

In traditional terms, we would be called a ‘financial group’. In the world of future technologies, however, Quppy is a host platform for:

The Quppy Wallet 
that allows you to store, transfer, withdraw or convert cryptocurrency into traditional currency. 
100% legal and safe

Quppy Pay: 
allows opening of bank accounts 
An issue of prepaid or embossed bank cards of international payment systems Instant refilling of bank card accounts by selling cryptocurrency provides business acquiring

Quppy Finance with a full range of loan offers provides P2P lending and a platform for the services of credit institutions

Quppy Bank with AEMI license 
which enables direct agreements with international payment systems and launching own product (white label) for opening settlement accounts provides salary projects for organizations.

The functions of the Quppy Platform is not limited to the highlighted as we intend to pursue all necessary means to ensure there are a satisfactory management and safety of use for the cryptocurrency and fiat assets. With Quppy Platform, you have a multicurrency management system that actually works.

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